Peel Capture the Aura of a Live Show in “Catch & Release”

The duo are releasing their self-titled debut EP on October 16.

Sean Cimino and Isom Innis are stepping outside their roles in Foster the People to release music under the name Peel. Their debut self-titled EP arrives soon, but today we’re premiering the second single, “Catch & Release.”

“There’s an energy and transcendence in live performance that we’re trying to capture,” says Innis, “having the sound reverberate through the room, even if there’s bleed, embracing it and letting it color the take.” Cimino adds, “The lyrics were born out of dream logic. There’s a melancholy beauty captured.”

This new song does vibrate with the weird aura of a live show; there’s a sense of disorientation and detachment, and Cimino’s vocals—which are reminiscent of Paul Banks’ in Turn on the Bright Lights—are like a guiding light.

Peel is out October 16 via Innovative Leisure. Watch the captivating music video below.


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