“Serial” Wants Your Ideas for Season Two

The groundbreaking episodic crime podcast needs another mystery to investigate.

Last fall, the This American Life spinoff podcast Serial took the medium to whole new heights with its captivating investigation of a fifteen-year-old murder case. The series grew so popular as to be parodied by SNL and have its host Sarah Koenig christened by Stephen Colbert as the “world’s first superstar podcaster.”

The podcast’s first season ended late last year with promises of more to come, but during a speech earlier this week at Penn State, Koenig said they did not yet have a story for Serial‘s next installment. She is, however, open to suggestions. “If any of you has a story, there’s an email,” said Koenig. The idea for exploring season one’s plot—the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee—came about when a friend of Adnan Sayed, who was convicted of Min’s killing in 2000, approached Koenig with the story.


Serial production manager Emily Condon told Buzzfeed that they don’t have a hard and fast timeline for season two, though they hope to premiere it this fall. She also said they are not limiting themselves to legal cases, writing “it could be any kind of story.”

If you think you’ve got something worth an in-depth, totally public examination, the email for submissions can be found on the podcast’s website. Those less familiar with tales of true crime can always go have fun with the increasingly popular #SerialSeason2 hashtag on Twitter.

(via WPSU)




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