North Americans Cherish Pure Sounds with “Memory of Lunch”

The duo will be unveiling their next album Roped In on Third Man Records. 

Patrick McDermott has made time for his own music. After running and managing different record labels and collaborating with numerous artists, McDermott is releasing Roped In with his band North Americans, following 2018’s Going Steady.

He works alongside pedal steelist Barry Walker, exerting as much effort onto the instrumentals. “I wanted to focus on the simplicity of the music,” McDermott explains. “I didn’t want to be beholden to this massive goal of [making music] to see how progressive and experimental it could be. I was attempting to cherish the pureness of this type of music.”

Today we’re premiering a single from Roped In called “Memory of Lunch.” The record represents a unique departure for Third Man Records, who will be releasing the album soon. Listen to it below. 


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