Raye Zaragoza Embraces Her Indigenous Identity in Video for New Track “Rebel Soul”

The LA-based songwriter also shares a playlist for Indigenous Peoples Day.

It’s no coincidence that Raye Zaragoza is releasing her latest single from her forthcoming LP Woman in Color today, the holiday once dedicated to the imperialist Christopher Columbus which is slowly being converted to a nationally recognized day celebrating the Indigenous people whose land he invaded. Zaragoza—whose father is Indigenous, and whose mother is first-generation Japanese-American—isn’t shy about proclaiming her roots in her music, particularly on the latest single from her new record expected out October 23.

I have felt like my mixed-race, intersectional identity is somehow letting everyone down,” she shares, explaining the origins of “Rebel Soul.” “I have felt that I can’t belong to any community because I am not enough of any one to belong. With this song, I reclaim all that I am—I am a rebel soul.

Despite this sense of rebellion, Zaragoza also embraces her community of Indigenous musicians, as seen in the lengthy playlist she compiled for our Indigenous Peoples Day listening pleasure. From familiar names like Black Belt Eagle Scout and A Tribe Called Red to some deeper cuts, you can check out the full playlist along with her beautifully shot video for “Rebel Soul” below.


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