Guts Club Share Their Drone-y Reimagining of “The L Word” Theme Song

The duo release “Song for Tina,” following up their Sopranos theme cover “Song for Carm.”

Have you ever wonder what the theme song of The L Word would sound like in a drone-filled world? Well, Guts Club wanted to know, so they did some experimenting. The result is their new dreamy homage to the “problematic but beloved TV show,” “Song for Tina.” It follows “Song for Carm,” which is an eccentric rendition of the theme song of The Sopranos released back in May. 

“Queer non-males everywhere lost their shit when the show first aired—we finally had our own show!” the group shares. “But something really terrible happened on the show besides the (possible) death of Jenny or the show’s inability to properly portray trans people—it was that theme song. I literally never met a single person that thought that song was a good idea. If people bought the soundtrack it was for the Leonard Cohen and Sleater-Kinney songs. We’re lucky now that we’re able to simply skip the intro, and even more lucky the reboot isn’t trying to resurrect the thing. There’s just something strange about finally having your own show but completely being grossed out by its theme song. I tried to fix that.”

Listen to “Song for Tina” below.


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