Who Is Flyyyrene?

Janelle Monáe’s new alter ego has us buzzing with questions.

What if Jordan Peele remade The Fly, only instead of Jeff Goldblum in the titular role, Janelle Monáe was the star of the show? While that’s not exactly the case with Flyyyrene, Monae’s new alter ego, which emerged after the infamous vice presidential debate where a fly spent a good portion of the proceedings nestled in Mike Pence’s hair.

Known as the FLYCON to you. But i am FLYYYRENE to my family,” ‘Rene posted on her Instagram account. “Since the debate a lot has happened. I can’t wait for you to get to know ME. Thank you to my publicist @jtfirstman for believing in me, a true wind beneath my wings. More to come…”

All of the attention from the debate seems to have gotten to her, as Flyyyrene shared a rant about Mike Pence being the reason for the shine, which you can watch below. Like many Americans, Flyyyrene is more than a little frazzled from the seemingly endless 2020 election drama. Also like many of us, Miss Fly has been having a tough time getting any shut-eye.

Where does Flyyyrene buzz to next? Only her publicist knows, apparently. What would it take to get an exclusive interview with the buzz-queen herself? Jordan Firstman, we’re looking at you.


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