Good Boy Daisy Infuse Carefree Pop with Heavy Rock Influences on Debut Single “Grey”

Twin sisters Hallie and Dylinn Mayes pack a punch with their introductory track.

Just when the muted electronic drum beat and wispy vocals introduce “Grey,” the debut track from twins sisters Hallie and Dylinn Mayes, the listener can probably identify the general strain of pop the siblings are channeling—that is, until the influence of pummeling ’90s alt-rock enters the picture. “Our whole motto is ‘no rules,’” Hallie notes, explaining the sudden mood changes throughout the song. “We say it all the time when we’re writing. We always want to fully go for it.”

With that thesis in mind, “Grey” feels like a proper introduction to Good Boy Daisy, a duo seemingly characterized by sweet pop melodies and relentless guitar intrusions. “It’s such a bold song, and we’re bold people,” Hallie continues. “It perfectly fits our first release.” Dylinn adds, “It’s so catchy and fun. It has such an energy that we felt it would be a great first impression.” 

Stream the track below, and anticipate more music from the sisters in future.


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