Worst Party Ever Covered Dogleg’s “Star 67” Following Twitter Beef

 The best way to settle a rivalry is to just perform the other band’s songs.

The Twitter beef leading up to the release of Worst Party Ever’s cover of Dogleg’s “Star 67” lasted for days. While No Sleep Records was claiming that here, online beats Melee (it’s possible; the first line on that record is “I’m so upset that you were left on read”—it’s genius), Foxing was trying to moderate the situation. Of course Triple Crown Records had to jump in, advocating for Dogleg’s supremacy. A lot of tweets later…Worst Party Ever announced the cover, out last night, November 19, at midnight.

Worst Party Ever is probably the best band to cover Dogleg; the two groups have a sound that’s both clamorous and melodic with lyrics that are melancholic to their core. The cover sounds like it could fit perfectly on here, online, maybe in between “what about you?” and “Chofu.” Andy Schueneman’s vocals are clear-cut and evocative, a little smoother than Dogleg’s jagged nature.

Listen to the cover here, and the original here.


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