Watch Moby Discuss His Punk Roots on “Punk as Fuck with Damian Abraham”

The second episode of the series takes place at Moby’s vegan restaurant Little Pine.

In case you missed it, we recently launched a new video series called “Punk as Fuck with Damian Abraham,” which teams the Fucked Up frontman up with punk luminaries—inside and outside the music scene—at various spots in Los Angeles. The first episode saw Abraham discussing the local punk scene with strictly Midwestern producer Steve Albini and very much West Coast punk Don Bolles of Germs, and today we’re sharing episode two which features Moby.

Speaking over coffee at the artist’s vegan spot Little Pine in LA’s Silver Lake neighborhood, Moby discusses his punk roots, from being radicalized by The B-52’s, to getting beat up in school for wearing a Talking Heads t-shirt, to meeting Ian McKaye while drunk (and believing himself to be straight edge). Watch the full clip below for more, including Moby’s five favorite hardcore bands.

Moby’s latest record, All Visible Objects, is out now on Mute.

In case you missed it, find episode 1 with Albini and Bolles below.


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