Damian Abraham Eats Vegan Donuts with Jonah Ray in the Latest Episode of “Punk as Fuck”

The Fucked Up frontman meets comedian/punk rocker Ray outside Donut Friend in Highland Park.

In part four of Damian Abraham’s journey around LA for “Punk as Fuck,” the punk scholar stopped by Donut Friend in Highland Park—founded by Drive Like Jehu’s Mark Trombino—to discuss the duality of the punk rocker with part-time punk/part-time comedian Jonah Ray. In addition to playing in countless bands since teenhood, Ray’s played a huge role in LA’s comedy scene, most notably filling in as the human host on the 2015 Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival. 

In their chat, Ray talks about balancing his dueling personas both as a teen and as an adult, recalling feeling out of place playing in an intense punk scene growing up while being into Weird Al and Mel Brooks. Come for the giddy talk about punk and stick around to watch Ray stuff an entire Abraham-made vegan donut in his mouth.


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