Damian Abraham Meets X’s John Doe at LA’s Stories Books & Cafe in the Latest Episode of “Punk as Fuck”

The Flesh Eaters’ Chris D. and podcaster Tom DeSavia join the pair as they talk LA punk.

Anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of LA punk—or anyone who’s grinded (ground?) across Park Güell in THUG2—is surely familiar with the legacy of X, punk’s least Googleable godparents. With LA punk being the focus of Damian Abraham’s “Punk as Fuck” series, it only made sense for the Fucked Up frontman to meet up with a member of the band while traversing the city’s cultural and culinary landmarks over the course of the series.

Luckily, filming happened to coincide with John Doe’s book tour for his 2016 history of LA punk Under the Big Black Sun, co-authored with Tom DeSavia. Along with punk poet and Flesh Eaters founder Chris D., the pair sat with Abraham at Echo Park’s Stories Books & Cafe to discuss the poetic past of LA punk, as well as the scene’s growing inclusivity, artists’ intention, and Doe’s “no mas bullshit” stance against technical songwriting. Watch the chat below.


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