Lydia Luce Takes to Her Porch in East Nashville to Play “Occasionally” for “Neighborhoods”

Luce performs the Dark River opener with string accompaniment from Laura Epling and Maggie Chafee.

Last month we revealed Lydia Luce’s stirring declaration on co-dependency and addictive love ahead of the release of the Nashville-based songwriter’s record Dark River, a solo project which arrived in the wake of years spent contributing viola parts to widely known songs by the likes of Dolly Parton and Eminem. With the record out in the world now, Luce filmed a live version of the album track “Occasionally” for us for our “Neighborhoods” series live from her front porch.

Carrying over the record’s maudlin string arrangements with the help of her friends Laura Epling and Maggie Chafee, Luce gives a stirring performance of the album opener on her acoustic guitar. Watch the performance below—and say hi to her attentive watchdog Bobby in the video’s opening seconds.


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