La Roux, “Trouble in Paradise”

la-roux_trouble-in-parisLa Roux
Trouble in Paradise

The title of La Roux’s long-awaited new release is playfully (and maybe painfully) self-aware, but regardless of whether it stings or not, Trouble in Paradise aptly describes the twists and turns of creating the synth-pop duo’s sophomore album. While originally recorded soon after the English group’s highly successful self-titled 2009 debut (which garnered numerous awards, including a Grammy, and racked up millions in LP sales), singer/daring-hairstyle enthusiast Elly Jackson re-recorded the songs with her new collaborator and co-producer Ian Sherwin after dissolving her partnership with Ben Langmaid. To say that the wait was worth it is a fair assessment; Trouble is a sexy and inviting album that shows a maturation from the youthful, coming-of-age days of La Roux. The songs are thought-out and organic, melding conventional instruments with early ’80s synths. However, it’s hard not to think of the immense success of “Bulletproof,” their massive hit from five years ago, and not skip around different tracks trying to find something similar on the new album. Even if it was a long time coming, Trouble in Paradise is a solid successor to La Roux’s debut.


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