Fauvely Explore the Spirituality and Monotony of Our Day-to-Day Lives on “Florida”

The Sunshine State is the subject of the latest track from the band’s debut LP Beautiful Places.

It’s been a sec since many of us have travelled, but Fauvely are here to remind us of the ineffable beauty of certain spots on their debut record Beautiful Places, written and recorded last year in lieu of the band’s planned tour of the beautiful-place that is Japan. The latest pre-album single focuses on a location slightly less exotic than an East Asian island, though the track contains a sense of dreamy, beach-side escape. “Florida” contains the spacious, dream-pop ambitions of former tour mates Ellis, while remaining somewhat grounded on the dunes of post-rock.

“The melody of ‘Florida’ first came to me when I was standing on a beach at night watching my husband, Andrew, dive beneath the waves,” vocalist Sophie Brochu shares. “It was July and the beach was empty. I was holding my shoes in one hand. I wasn’t thinking of a song but I distinctly remember the mysteriousness of which the melody came. The word ‘intercept’ comes to mind. In The Red Hand Files, Nick Cave writes about songwriting as a journey: ‘Our task is to remain patient and vigilant and to not lose heart—for we are the destination. We are the portals from which the idea explodes, forced forth by its yearning to arrive.’

“I think ‘Florida’ is about all of the ways in which we can see someone,” she continues. “The song feels spiritual in a sense, I suppose in that it brings to light how we’re all connected on this planet. We’re just a blip in space. It’s heartbreaking and it’s beautiful and it’s typically beside the ocean, with the violent hush of the waves, when I can really understand how insane our monotonous day-to-day routines can become.”

Hear the track below, and pre-order the album—out April 2—here.


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