Charli XCX, The 1975, and No Rome Share Video for “Spinning” That’s Too Cute to Handle

An incredibly cute video for an incredibly cute pop song.

A few weeks ago, Charli XCX teased a new supergroup featuring Dirty Hit acts The 1975 and No Rome. Since then, they’ve revealed their single “Spinning” and the colorful animated video for it. It’s a cute pop song with an even cuter visual, which features all the collaborators as cute plush cartoon characters drawn by Hideyuki Tanaka with animation from Venturia Animation Studios. Did I already say it was cute? Well, it is.

You can find them falling through puddles, smoking joints, in submarines, floating in outer space, and, of course, eating ice cream. Naturally, these are all the activities that cartoon pop stars with a lot of followers do. It’s too adorable to capture completely in words, so watch it below.


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