Hybrid Reveal New Single “Flashpoint” with an Unsettling Sci-Fi Short Film

The electronic four-piece set the tone for their new album, expected this summer.

After teasing a new single and video last week, Hybrid have shared the dark first single from their forthcoming LP expected later this year with the driving, sci-fi-tinged “Flashpoint.” Veering hard from the sounds of their most recent release, the single’s electronic sounds would feel at home in the vein of modern sci-fi/psychological thrillers that Under the Skin belongs to. “Our last album was very uplifting in feel and tone,” the band shares, “so we hope that our supporters will enjoy a darker, more sinister side to our sound and visuals.”

It makes sense, then, that the track should arrive with a visual that taps into these same cyber-noir themes. “‘Flashpoint’ is the first track from our sixth album and our first single and video to set the tone and story of where this latest album will take you,” they continue, introducing the full seven-minute visual. “It’a a sum of all of our strengths as a four-piece band, but draws heavily on our legacy of heavy beats and style of a band mangled through all the studio toys we can get our hands on.

“Mike and I shot the video ourselves as we’ve been fascinated and thrilled by cinema since we were teenagers and have been making our own shorts for over a decade. Granted, filming a video during lockdown was a bit of a challenge but we made use of every possible local location that we could. No farmers were maimed or injured during the making of this film, although one of them was concerned that our smoke effect was actually us setting their barn on fire!”

Watch it below.


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