girl in red Falls Off a Trampoline and Blasts Into Space in “Serotonin” Video

Her debut album if i could make it go quiet is out this Friday.

In a couple days, under her moniker girl in red, Marie Ulven will share her debut album if i could make it go quiet with the world. We’ve already heard the riotous lovelorn track “You Stupid Bitch” and the lead single “Serotonin.” And now we’re getting a very funny video for the latter.

Ulven runs around a few pastoral parks with a big bunch of red balloons strapped to her wrist. Sometimes unable to handle them due to the wind, or ride peacefully in a car with them, these balloons seem to be as unpredictable as the chemicals in her brain she sings about. At one point, Ulven is jumping on a trampoline and falls off the side—it’s actually kind of scary. But after her friend asks if she’s OK, of course, Ulven meme-ifies herself. An edited still of her falling is sent across the famous Microsoft green field desktop background, New York City, the pyramids, and then eventually space. The visual is evidence of Ulven’s skill to be completely candid and forthcoming about her mental health struggles—which, don’t we all have our own—and not be afraid to approach them with humor.

Watch it below.


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