Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay’s LUMP Return with Hypnotic New Track

“Animal” is the title track from their sophomore album out July 30 via Partisan/Chrysalis.

Laura Marling released a great album last year called Song for our Daughter. And two years before that, she released another good album under the name LUMP with collaborator Mike Lindsay from the band Tunng. Turns out, while Marling was working on her album last year, she was also taking the time with Lindsay to craft the follow-up to that eponymous 2018 albumToday, the duo announced their sophomore album Animal, which is out July 30, and shared the title track.

Marling said in a statement that next to working on Song for our Daughter, the new LUMP material was freeing. “It became a very different thing about escaping a persona that has become a burden to me in some way. It was like putting on a superhero costume.” Lindsay added, “There’s a little bit of a theme of hedonism on the album, of desires running wild. We created LUMP as a sort of persona and an idea and a creature. Through LUMP we find our inner animal, and through that animal we travel into a parallel universe.”

“Animal” is driven by a buzzy electronic melody that dots the track around Marling’s straightforward, slightly ominous spoken delivery. Grimy, tactile visuals open the track: hair scattered on a pillow, a blood-stained shirt, traces of dirt. “Cry at the window / Using your words / All that you want is to be heard,” goes the last line of the first verse before the chorus kicks in. It’s a hypnotic song balanced by the senses and weighed down by instinctual drives. “This is your last chance to break a glass heart / Just like you wanted,” Marling deadpans during the chorus. “Animal” is riveting—at times eerie and unexpected.
Listen and watch the contemporary video below. Pre-order the album here.


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