Watch Briston Maroney Play Two “Sunflower” Tracks in Los Angeles for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter performs “It’s Still Cool If You Don’t” and “Cinnamon” in LA’s Eagle Rock neighborhood.

Coming off the heels of his debut record, a complementary feature-length film, and all the chaos the corresponding press cycle entails, Briston Maroney’s next stop is the likely much-needed respite of a “Neighborhoods” session played in the quiet backyard of a house in LA’s Eagle Rock neighborhood. With enough tranquility in the locale to dramatically sink a putt at the beginning of his set, Maroney launches into cool acoustic versions of his new record Sunflower’s singles “It’s Still Cool If You Don’t” and “Cinnamon.”

Swapping out the synthy, electrified pop-Americana of the original tunes for laid back, somewhat grizzled solo versions, Maroney’s set is full of the longing that make the original versions of the tracks click. Hear him play both tunes below.


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