In Conversation: Jim Adkins Discusses Jimmy Eat World’s New Graphic Novel 

Co-written by Adkins and Alex Paknadel, 555 arrives this Friday.

Jimmy Eat World‘s music isn’t generally considered to be the soundtrack for the apocalypse. However Jim Adkins describes the song “555” as an outlier on the band’s 2019 album Surviving. To celebrate that, logically, they made a video that sees Adkins playing the character of Klarg, who works for an intergalactic evil empire straight out of Battlestar Galactica.

But it turns out that was just the beginning. On May 21, the band will release 555, which explores the psychology and backstory of Klarg and is the band’s first foray into graphic novels. “The song itself is about acceptance and the idea that sometimes when you feel like you’re doing everything right and nothing’s going your way, a big part of the problem is you,” Adkins explains when asked about the song’s message. 

In addition to comic talk, we also spoke with Adkins about his podcast Pass-Through Frequencies, what it was like recently performing the band’s classic album Clarity live in its entirety, and why Drew Barrymore was one of the major reasons the album saw the light of day.


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