Bad Waitress Share a Playlist of Their Favorite Tracks by Toronto Artists

The noxious punks latest single “Too Many Bad Habits” is out now via Royal Mountain Records.

Bad Waitress is a gritty-ass punk band from Toronto that somehow sounds as if someone combined elements of The Damned, The Stooges, Sonic Youth, and maybe even a bit of Jay Reatard into a petri dish in a dive bar bathroom. Their music is heavy with distortion, buttressed by lingering verses and upbeat, urgent choruses.

They released their first EP Party Bangers, Volume 1 in 2018 and are now preparing to drop a full-length later this year. Last year they released the excitingly noxious “That Sedative,” and this year brought the heavyweights “Pre Post-Period Blues” and “Too Many Bad Habits.” Their music is as lyrically acerbic and exciting as their crunchy guitar runs.

We tasked them to make a playlist of their favorite Toronto groups to get a better feel for where their sound comes from. Check out their picks below.

Tange, “What Was I Wearing (The Day I Destroyed the Universe)”

This song came on a playlist I was listening to while wandering the streets aimlessly, as one does during a pandemic, and I must have replayed it three times during that walk. The guitar line is really catchy and the drums are just pounding the whole thing along while the vocals have an old school and sarcastic vibe to them. It explores an absurd idea in a really unique way.

Uncaught in Promise, “Backgammon”

I remember seeing Bea perform with another band a couple years ago and being so drawn into the energy they created and the way they used their voice. Their current musical project, Uncaught in Promise, has the same dark, charismatic force they exuded that night. This song is kinda Deftones-y; it’s got heavy instrumentals and ethereal vocals that make it perfect night driving music.

New Fries, “Jz III”

Hannah from The Effens showed me this band a while ago and this song in particular has stood out. It gives you that scrunchy, raunchy bass face—you know what I’m talking about. This jam crashes and thrashes around with punchy beats to latch onto. It’s just a really fun song.

Wine Lips, “Fried ll”

“Fried ll” is off Wine Lips’ 2019 EP Stressor. I cannot overstate the momentum these guys build in their music. This song pumps adrenaline right into you. It’s a luscious garage rock tune with massive guitar riffs and thundering drums.

The Effens, “Eventually”

The Effens are always pumpin’ out the dope grunge tunes and this one gives me nostalgic feels—like you’re sneaking out of your house in high school to take a little night bike cruise.

Vypers, “Mr Glue”

This song is just nuts. The vocal harmonies are commanding, the drums are driving everything right along, and there’s a real good ebb and flow to the structure. It’s psych-y with some harder tones to it.


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