Watch TRISHES Play “Animal” in North Hollywood for “Neighborhoods”

Trish Hosein performs her 2016 single next to an Armenian BBQ spot in Los Angeles.

It’s hard to classify the music of an artist like TRISHES, who’s not only the brains behind all her own music, but builds songs upon her own looped vocal recordings and expands that musical universe with a full multimedia experience attached to the project, as seen in the visual and spoken-word accompaniment to her recent debut EP EGO. While the music sounds in part inspired by hip-hop and R&B, a single like “Animal” feels like it inhabits a world of its own.

This is the track TRISHES opted to perform for her recent “Neighborhoods” session, wherein the song quickly expands from looping beat-box mouth sounds to incorporate the addition of keys and more looped and harmonized vocal refrains. All this action takes place just a few feet away from a local North Hollywood street vendor distributing Armenian BBQ which you can almost smell just by watching the video (or taste for yourselves by visiting them). Check it out below.


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