Watch Night Beats Play “Stuck in the Morning” in Los Angeles for “Neighborhoods”

Danny Lee Blackwell performs the Outlaw R&B single in Elysian Park after stopping by the old location of Gold Star Studios.

This Friday will see the release of Night Beats’ anticipated fifth album of original material Outlaw R&B, which sees the Texas-reared band shift gears from 2019’s Southern rock tinged ode to Nashville—which followed three LPs riffing on Roky Erickson’s psych-rock legacy—to reflect band leader Danny Lee Blackwell’s relocation to Southern California. The record’s early singles straddle the line between both influences while sounding indebted to the blown-out, Wall-of-Sound rock of the ’60s and the bluesy sounds revived by Myth of a Man collaborator Dan Auerbach, all with a dose of acid Western imagery.

Blackwell took to LA’s Elysian Park for his recent “Neighborhoods” set, where he played an acoustic rendition of album opener “Stuck in the Morning” with some moody dusk lighting. Beforehand, he took an introspective trip to the strip mall that once housed the iconic Gold Star Studios to reminisce on the city’s musical legacy—join him in the vid below.


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