Watch Tristen Play “Wrong with You” in Madison, Tennessee for “Neighborhoods”

The songwriter provides a tour of her garden before performing the Aquatic Flowers tune in North East Nashville.

As spring blooms into summer, the improving weather hasn’t only permitted us to showcase more “Neighborhoods” sets from artists outside of year-round warm climates, but it’s also given us plenty of glimpses into these performers’ gardening projects. The latest of these green-thumbed songwriters is Tristen, who precedes her performance of the Aquatic Flowers single “Wrong with You” alongside her husband and collaborator Buddy Hughen with a tour of her lively backyard and the crayfish—or crawfish, depending on where you’re from—that inhabit it.

The performance that follows, though, is an acoustic rendition that’s nearly as hearty as the recording, with backing percussion and organ swapped for a second acoustic guitar and backing vocals courtesy of Hughen. Watch the video below, and expect the new album out tomorrow via Mama Bird Recording Co.


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