James The Prophet Travels to a Lush Forest in Bonneval, France for “Neighborhoods”

He performs “Power On” alongside fellow rapper Pab the Kid.

Up and coming French-American rapper James The Prophet is only 20-years-old, but his style takes us back to the height of boom bap rap of the 1980s. His first mixtape Summer Archives came out last year, and it revealed James’ unforced flow with candid vulnerability. His mother’s English origin and his father’s background split between Brooklyn and France has allowed the young musician cross-country exposure without ego collapse.

For our latest “Neighborhoods” video, James takes us to a lush scene in Bonneval, France. He performs the lead single “Power On,” which is from his forthcoming debut album Unimaginable Storms that’s dropping July 9. Pacing around dappled sunlight, he expounds on the mysterious origin of creativity and other personal anxieties. “The idea of me in the future is foreboding,” he reveals. He’s accompanied by fellow rapper Pab The Kid and a wave of precious fog. Watch the magnetic performance below.


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