Wye Oak Relinquish Control to Life’s Unknowable Winds on “Its Way with Me”

The duo release their latest single in preparation for their first online concert on July 1.

A few weeks ago Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, who make music as Wye Oak, dropped a new single “TNT” with the promise that they’d return in June with another one-off release. They kept their word—today you can hear “Its Way with Me,” which follows a similar thread as “TNT,” relinquishing control to the natural world and the unpredictable hands of time. In the video shot by Spence Kelly, Wasner is unfazed by the uncontrollable pull wind has with her hair. Later, some unpredictable hands come to her aide.

Wasner said in a statement that, “This song is about surrender—about learning to feel at peace amidst the chaos of existence through letting go of all that is beyond our control. It’s about the fact that change and loss are inseparable from one another, and about trying to have faith in a more peaceful and equitable future, even when the specific details of what that might look like are beyond our imagining.”

Their latest single comes in advance of the duo’s first-ever online concert, which is taking place July 1 at 5 p.m. PST. You can order tickets here and watch the video for “Its Way with Me” below.


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