Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay’s LUMP Character Returns in “We Cannot Resist” Video

Its the third single the duo has shared from their album Animal, out July 30 via Partisan/Chrysalis.

Acclaimed musicians Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay are LUMP. The duo collaborated on a self-titled album that was released in 2018, and they had such a blast making the first one that they’re now preparing the release of their sophomore album Animal. We already got the title track and the second single, “Climb Every Wall,” and today they return with “We Cannot Resist” and a video that features the project’s titular character.

“We Cannot Resist” delves into some of the same themes heard on the lead single, such as desire and a curious, impulsive instinct. Lindsay and Marling capture a youthful heart pumping with adrenaline as the track sprints in intervals. “No one will recover / That is the fate of these first-time lovers,” Marling narrates speedily. Love’s enthrallment is undeniable: “Spectacles of colors / Sparks will fly off from the skin of love’s dramas.”

In a press release Lindsay said, “It wants to be this massive pop track, but it’s been twisted. I like that when the chorus comes in you’re like ‘Wow!’ It’s this huge pop chorus, but then it becomes really creepy with the whispered ‘We cannot resist.’” Marling added, “This is another one about hedonism. But it was tricky because it’s such American imagery. I remember we had to stop and start and redo quite a lot of the lyrical takes because saying things like ‘Down to burn rubber’ are quite awkward to say in an English accent.”

The Christian Cargill–directed video takes place both in a verdant landscape and sparse city streets. The LUMP mascot is a colorful, mossy swamp monster that dances wildly and has a dramatic interaction with a dog. Check it out below.


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