Sofía Valdés Performs “Silhouette” in Panama City for “Neighborhoods”

The Panamanian singer/songwriter performs a new song from the expanded edition of her debut EP, Ventura.

Back in May, Panamanian songwriter Sofía Valdés released an extended version of her debut EP Ventura, which, in addition to the project’s eight stirring tracks sung in both English and Spanish, featured a pair of remixes to top the project off. “Silhouette,” the closing track by Valdés on the release—before the two upbeat reworkings—is a somber acoustic track blending Valdés’ dreamy, echoing vocals with spaced-out, thumping percussion as the track progresses, contrasting from the electric guitar and poolside energy of opener “Handful of Water.”

Valdés chose to play “Silhouette” from her hometown of Panama City for “Neighborhoods,” where perhaps appropriately she plays through a soft rain that fits the track’s subtly downcast mood. Check out the performance below.


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