Meet Me @ the Altar Are Looking Forward to Brighter Days on New Single

“Brighter Days (Are Before Us)” is the latest single from their forthcoming debut EP Model Citizen, out August 13.

Meet Me @ the Altar is one of the latest bands to breakthrough amidst the past few years’ revival of 2000s pop-punk. The trio is preparing to release their debut EP Model Citizen via Fueled by Ramen on August 13. They’ve already dropped a couple great tracks, and today they’ve shared another called “Brighter Days (Are Before Us).” The punchy single has an optimistic spirit that things will get better, even if there’s a storm on the horizon. “Time is growth and it has definitely helped me see / That I’ve always had purpose,” goes one standout lyric before Edith Johnson’s vocals burst into the upward-looking chorus.

In a statement about the track, the band said that “‘Brighter Days (Are Before Us)’ is one of the ups in life where things are starting to shape up. If our upcoming EP Model Citizen was a movie, ‘Brighter Days’ would be the scene where everything in life is still good right before it all hits the fan.”

“Brighter Days (Are Before Us)” comes with a video that takes place on a plane decked out in lush foliage (honestly, maybe some airlines should look into this). Despite the bright ambiance, things take a turn for the worst. Hopefully everything turns out alright…you know what they say—brighter days are ahead of us.


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