The Sweetest Hangover: The Trailer for the Final Season of “Mad Men” Is Here

And so is the '70s polyester

How fitting that the final half-season of one of our most anticipated television shows of 2015 gets a thirty-second promo merely showing us the same cast of characters that we’ve grown to love. No big deal right? We knew that the whole SC&P team (RIP Bert Cooper), along with the Draper–Francis family would be back for Season 7.5, so why all the fuss over this trailer?

Because Mad Men can tell you more about an episode in thirty-seconds or less without actually saying anything. On Wednesday, several different outlets revealed the always impeccably staged promo photos for the series’s final leg showing the cast of Matthew Weiner’s brainchild at a lavish party, and this morning, those buzzed images came to life soundtracked by the 1976 hit “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross.

It seems like the group has time-traveled lightyears from when we last saw them, in awe of the July 1969 moon landing. Now the cool and classy characters that we rooted for (and against) in early 1960 have gravitated towards the sideburns, plaid suits, bell bottoms, and unbreathable fabrics that plagued the ’70s. Lord, help us all.

After you watch this trailer a few times—trying to decipher if any of the characters give away anything beyond a knowing look, perfect glare, or leathery smile (I’m looking at you, Roger)—check out the gorgeous still photos below. It’s all we have to hold onto until Mad Men‘s final season starts on Sunday, April 5.


(via Vulture)


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