The Killers’ Dave Keuning Talks Doing Everything on His Second Solo Album

In our latest “In Conversation” video we caught up with the guitarist to learn how hes become more comfortable as a solo artist, and to gain some intel on his other bands upcoming album.

Dave Keuning may be best known as a founding member and guitarist for The Killers, but he’s also an accomplished solo artist who recently released his second album under the name Keuning. The album is called A Mild Case of Everything and it sees Keuning doing, well, everything, ranging from songwriting to instrumentation to production. “It’s just me doing most of this, so there’s not many people to argue with,” Keuning explains when asked if it’s nice to eschew the traditional record label infrastructure and release his solo material on his own terms. Luckily, Keuning’s brand of artistic expression is as catchy to us as it is liberating for him.

We caught up with Keuning to learn how he’s become more comfortable as a frontman, why he never makes fun of anyone’s lyrics after writing his own—and, in case you were wondering, yes, we also get some intel about The Killers’ upcoming concept album.


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