Future Islands Gives James’ “Beautiful Beaches” a Synth-Heavy Makeover

The U.K. alt-rockers’ All the Colours of You is out now.

Long before there was MIKE, Dave, or Kyle, there was James, the prolific U.K. alt-rockers distilling their ensemble lineup down to a single given name. Over the summer James released their sixteenth album since forming in the early-’80s, with producer Jacknife Lee helping the group to tap into the contemporary sounds of a group like The Killers who, meanwhile, have been leaning heavily into the sounds of the past. 

With the help of indie-futurists Future Islands, though, James sound more of-the-moment than ever, with their All the Colours of You being reworked by the Baltimore band that’s brought us a unique sort of spacey delight over the past decade. Vocalist Tim Booth almost sounds out of place lyricizing over the familiar synth-lurch of the Islands (who had a new song out yesterday themselves), a sonic soundscape otherwise dedicated to seeing Samuel T. Herring’s gruff voice and, well, lurching dance moves filling the vocal track. 

Hear the remix below.


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