On MUNYA’s “Cocoa Beach,” Anything Is Possible (Including Dancing with an Alien)

Her debut album Voyage to Mars is out November 5 via Luminelle.

Québécois musician MUNYA loves space, so for her debut album she’s taking a Voyage to Mars. The forthcoming album, out November 5, is inspired by the silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès. “I love aliens. I love thinking that we’re not alone in this big strange universe,” she says. “Those things give me hope.” The otherworldliness doesn’t stop there. In the video for her new single “Cocoa Beach,” she makes friends with an alien (which actually turns out to be the mystery being MUNYA reached out to in “Pour Toi”).

“Cocoa Beach” has all the signature MUNYA moves. Its trippy, funkadelic beat carries Josie Boivin’s suave vocals. She revealed that “Cocoa Beach is a song about being fearless, about finding your inner force, and embracing failure as your path to happiness. It’s about pushing yourself over your limits and accomplishing the impossible through sheer force of will. It takes courage, dedication, and many failures to reach your dreams…and that is the origin story of MUNYA.”

Watch “Cocoa Beach” below, and pre-order Voyage to Mars here.


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