Andy Shauf Wishes Precious Moments Could Last Forever on “Spanish on the Beach”

This years first release from the Canadian singer-songwriter arrives ahead of his U.S. tour.

Andy Shauf‘s songwriting is compelling for his ability to paint a vivid narrative scene in both physical detail and emotional complexity. His last album came out at the beginning of 2020 and we haven’t heard much from him since outside of a demo and a couple B-sides from last year’s The Neon Skyline. Today, however, there is new music from Shauf in the form of a single called “Spanish on the Beach.”

The track seems to detail a decadent getaway between the narrator and a lover. Detailing nights of glamour with shots and live music, Shauf declares after every precious moment: “I wished it could be permanent.” At one point he imagines proposing, as if that might make the moment last longer. The song’s gentle background of finger-plucked guitars and horn embellishments frames Shauf’s words in a charming halo of sound. Although he couldn’t make the moment last forever, Shauf continues to fossilize meaningful memories in his craft.

Listen to “Spanish on the Beach” below and check out his tour dates here.


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