Watch Slow Motion Rework Dwson’s “Forbidden” in Porto Belo, Brazil for “Neighborhoods”

The Brazilian artist performs a live version of his recent take on the track in front of a dramatic natural backdrop.

Last month, Brazilian artist Slow Motion added an additional bounce to the step of South African DJ Dwson’s single “Forbidden,” which features vocals from Sio. “The original track left me enchanted and I decided to give a special touch to this remix,” Slow Motion shared in a press release, noting that the track had become his most requested songs as a DJ. “Working with my team, we managed to make this release viable. I’m happy with the results so far and I hope it can be played in many places in Brazil and around the world.“

Recently the song did get played in Brazil by Slow Motion himself—setting up his boards in front of a dramatic backdrop featuring lush greens and the harbor that gives the Southern Brazil municipality of Porto Belo its name, the artist plays through a smooth live version of the reworking for his “Neighborhoods” set. With the haze of a warm dusk setting in, watch the evocative performance below.


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