Calling All Captains Don’t Want to Waste Life Getting “Wasted”

The Canadian pop-punk group’s debut album Slowly Getting Better is out October 29 via Equal Vision.

While many pop-punk songs sound like distorted guitars drowned in self-loathing and desperation, some are powered by a kernel of hope. “Wasted,” the latest single from Canadian pop-punk/post-hardcore group Calling All Captains, finds them battling one of the most difficult adversaries: themselves. Their new song also announces their forthcoming debut album Slowly Getting Better, which is out October 29 via Equal Vision Records.

“Wasted” details the struggle to maintain any sense of self while fighting addiction. “Well there’s a voice in my head / But it’s not who I am,” sings Luc Gauthier. Nuanced and felt, “Wasted” captures the awareness of self-destructive patterns and faces the heavy reality that healing isn’t linear. “You know I’m tired of getting wasted / But I still act as if nothing’s wrong,” goes the chorus. Calling All Captains understand that it’s extremely difficult to be vulnerable and open to change when there are darker temptations singing to them. Despite this complicated struggle, “Wasted” ends on a light note: “I will be alright,” Gauthier screams.

The band details the single, saying: “‘Wasted’ is for the ones who are stuck in their vices. It’s tiring being a slave to addiction or substance abuse. Sometimes you play along and act the part, so you don’t lose those closest to you. Do these people have your best interest at heart? Do you only hang out and drink? Will they be there for you at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday when you need it? This song reflects on the type of lives that we fall into as a young adult. Your twenties are not supposed to be a giant party. It is a difficult time transitioning between adolescence and adulthood. I wish I could tell my younger self to put down the substances and focus more on life’s essential aspects.”

Watch the video for “Wasted” below, and pre-order Slowly Getting Better here.


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