Watch 99 Neighbors Perform “Right Now” in Foggy Nashville for “Neighborhoods”

The Vermont collective’s major-label debut Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great arrives Friday along with their appearance at Governors Ball.

“I’m tryna look for the sunlight,” 99 Neighbors’ HANKNATIVE raps to open the Vermont group’s “Neighborhoods” performance of “Right Now,” appropriately set in the impenetrable fog outside their Nashville, Tennessee studio. The single—which he performs with beats supplied by Jared Fier (as well as the not-present Juju, Somba, and Will Keeper) ahead of tomorrow’s release of their debut for Warner Records, Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great—is about pushing through the overcast days toward a brighter future, and while we never do see the sun, the upbeat performance closes with most of the fog cleared up. 

“‘Right Now’ is a song that I wrote after a long period of anxiety and defeat,” shares HANKNATIVE, who wrote the track. “I sat inside of our studio in Nashville and watched the rain fall down onto the beautiful trees in our backyard. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to motivate and do something. I didn’t really have any focus besides to speak to everything I was feeling. I didn’t think the song would end up on the album either to be honest—I was just making. ‘Right Now’ was a not-so-happy accident that became an important piece of our album. To me, the set up that we chose literally represents what I was looking at while making the song, and the dark/light balance that we graded the video with speaks to the elements the song is describing.”

Watch the video below.


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