Watch Hayden Thorpe Play “Metafeeling” in a Bean Tent in Kendal, U.K. for “Neighborhoods”

The former Wild Beasts vocalist performs a track from his new solo LP at Low Sizergh Farm in the U.K.’s Lake District.

Ahead of his second solo album Hayden Thorpe shared the single “Metafeeling,” which experimented outside the lines of genre in the same way his former outfit Wild Beasts once did. Combining acoustic guitar, funky synths, muted brass, and Thorpe’s familiar falsetto, the Moondust for My Diamond single is both joyful and uneasy—not to mention fairly grandiose, accentuated by the dramatic natural landscapes captured in the song’s music video.

Thorpe brought the tune to his recent “Neighborhoods” set in which director Juliet Klottrup captured the song in a whole new musical and visual context, swapping the acoustic guitar and layered backing instrumentation for a single echoing electric guitar and the rolling hills for the claustrophobic greenery of a bean tent within Low Sizergh Farm in the Lake District of Kendal, U.K. That enigmatic energy the song carries remains firmly in place, though—hear it below.


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