Beatrice Deer Leaves the Past Behind on New Single “HISTORY”

The single announces the Montreal-based songwriter’s new LP SHIFTING, out December 10.

Based on her new single “HISTORY” and the title of the album it will appear on, SHIFTING, it sounds like Beatrice Deer is going through a period of caps lock–necessitating change. While she’s known for blending indie folk sounds familiar to her Montreal scene with traditional Inuit stories passed down from her Inuk and Mohawk ancestors—involving throat singing and verses sung in Inuktitut—the first taste of her sixth LP is a breezy indie-rock pep talk focused on leaving pain behind.

“‘HISTORY’ is about changing our focus, because we may not be aware that we’re too focused on our past rather than looking ahead into our future,” she explains. “And it distracts us from getting in the lane to our destiny. It’s about shifting into place, a metaphor is driving. It’s hard to drive forward when you keep looking out your rearview mirror to look back into your life. Get out of your history and into your destiny.”

Hear the new track below, and pre-order SHIFTING—out December 10—​​here.


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