Spider Bags, “Frozen Letter”

Spider-Bags_Frozen-LetterSpider Bags
Frozen Letter

There are few things in life that bring as much of an adrenaline spike as rock and roll. Well, besides an actual spike of some form of amphetamines, but you know what I mean. This fact gets lost over time due to copious, watery rock retreads and niche specialists. Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags know nothing of such false idols, and instead proceed well into the twenty-first century like rock and roll was a birthright. Their world is one of blazing ’60s frat-rock with twisted, fuzz-laced psychedelic outros. And yet it goes on, creating a snarling pit of heat-soaked riffs on “We Got Problems” and “Chem Trails,” with cryptic bits of respite tucked into the acoustic “Walking Bubble,” and the practically effervescent, jangling “Japanese Vacation.” They trod through the modern landscape like the Sonics and the Meat Puppets, actually having more important things on their mind than trending social media topics and brand awareness. Insanity!


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