Deau Eyes Asks Us to Be Accountable for the Space We Inhabit on “When”

The single comes from her forthcoming sophomore album due next year.

Richmond, Virginia’s Ali Thibodeau, who releases music under the name Deau Eyes, understands that natural cycles cannot be broken. Sure, mankind’s presence can warp and disrupt theses cycles’ timing, but that only emphasizes our own mortality, as well as the mortality of the beauty around us. On her latest single “When,” which follows her debut album Let It Leave, she asks: “Will you own the space you take? / Don’t let it go to waste.”

“When” comes from Deau Eyes’ anticipated sophomore album and is made from sleek, shuffling drums and a rubbery blues riff. The centerpiece is Thibodeau’s voice, later maneuvering whispery synths and beckoning flutes. She calls directly to us when she sings at the end: “Hey, I see you / You matter more than you think you do.” At first it feels like validation, then it’s a reminder that our existence is connected to anyone and anything living on this planet. “Each and every move / It matters, too / So set the mood.” Her voice is transcendent as she cooly reminds us of our impact. There’s no time to waste. It’s only a matter of when.

“‘When’ is a song I wrote about the cyclical nature of human-made systems,” Thibodeau shares. “We’re often steered to prioritize immediate consumption and procrastinate on the well-being of humankind and posterity. It’s a plea to focus on our oneness, break through our inherited fear, and find common ground to save each other and the planet we inhabit for generations to come.”

Watch the lyric video below.


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