Annie Blackman Is Looking for Some Sort of Change on “Drive”

The NYC-based musician shares another single via Father/Daughter Records.

If you could change something about your present reality, what would it be? Is it something as small as what you’re wearing? Maybe it’s moving the furniture around your room. For NYC-based singer-songwriter Annie Blackman it’s her city. On her latest single “Drive” she imagines a whole new life, maybe in California or somewhere generally out west. The only problem is she’s afraid to drive.

Blackman’s delivery on the track is frank and witty. At one point, she wonders if maybe California isn’t the answer she’s been looking for. “I could turn to God someday / Put to work these knees and pray,” she sings. “Eyeing my creator, in a towel from the bathroom floor.” It’s the scenic detail that illustrates Blackman’s songwriting talent.

“‘Drive’ is a post-grad panic song,” Blackman shared. “In 2020, I spent a lot of time thinking about whether I wanted to move to New York or LA, and every time, the debate came back to my fear of driving. I used that as a launchpad to spiral about my imagined adult life. Writing this song helped me decide to stay in New York.”

Listen to “Drive” below.


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