Oddkin Get Lost in Gender Dysphoria in Their “Straighty Perry” Video

Formerly known as Sons of an Illustrious Father, the duo’s debut under the moniker is out today.

Back in October, Sons of an Illustrious Father returned in a big way with the promise of new music, upcoming tour dates, and, most surprisingly, a new band name. Under the moniker Oddkin, the now-duo of Lilah Larson and Ezra Miller have made quick work of those promises with their first release under the name dropping just over a month later via a self-titled EP, with a brief string of tour dates kicking off at the beginning of December. The release, which drops today, features five new tracks, with production duty split between Larson and the ever-in-demand Chris Coady.

Along with the new EP, today the duo is sharing a wonky visual for the single “Straighty Perry,” which, as the name suggests, is a bizarre contemplation of gender and sexuality norms. Paired with the theatrical and nearly cabaret instrumentation, the simple task of applying makeup backstage turns into a nightmarish, neon wormhole of panicked gender dysphoria for Larson which peaks with them ripping a killer guitar solo. Watch it unfold below, and dive into the full EP here.


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