Twin Peaks, “Wild Onion”

Twin-Peaks_Wild-OnionTwin Peaks
Wild Onion

Cadien Lake James has some choice words for all you Chicago haters: “I can see into the future / I can see the weather change,” he sings on the first track of his band’s second album. “I can see from here to LA and know that everywhere’s the same / … I can see from here to New York and know that everywhere’s the same.” While that may not be true in the physical sense, James has hit on a deeper truth: There are no regional music scenes anymore. Case in point is Twin Peaks, whose surf-psych sounds could have been made in the same Los Angeles garage as Wavves or recent transplant Ty Segall. With Clay Frankel’s coarse, energetic voice shouting through speakers, it almost sounds like Mick Jagger had stepped behind the mic for a few tracks. Wild Onion is at turns amusing, heartfelt and dazzling—no small feat for a band on its second effort. KURT ORZECK


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