Spaceface and Mikaela Davis Honor Fleeting Connections in “Rain Passing Through” Video

The track arrives ahead of the psych-rockers’ forthcoming album Anemoia, which is out January 28 via Mothland.

Even though rainfall can be brief, that doesn’t mean its impact can’t be immensely significant. Similarly, relationships that are fated for a short lifespan can be a nourishing shower that changes our lives for good. On Spaceface‘s latest single “Rain Passing Through,” from their forthcoming album Anemoia, the psych-rock group explore a relationship’s meaningful but ephemeral state.

“[It’s] about fleeting moments you have between former or future lovers in passing turbulent times,” says the band’s Jake Ingalls. “Knowing that you probably shouldn’t take shelter within each other but knowing that it’s OK to feel good and safe together even if it’s as ephemeral as the rain passing through on a stormy night. Mikaela [Davis] sang on our last love song duet, ‘Sun Kids,’ and I thought she really elevated the tune, so naturally I asked her to contribute her wonderful vocals again this time, and she obviously knocked it outta the park.”

The accompanying video directed by Erika Mugglin was pieced together with clips from royalty-free stock footage websites. Mac Hanson edited the bits togethers in order to create a narrative between two women compelled to be together and a man scorned. “For the video I wanted to shoot footage that emulated the feeling of the song,” shares Mugglin. “The song has an intimacy and sensuality to it. It describes the beginning of a relationship, when the lines between a friendship and a relationship begin to blur, and the circumstance is just right for you to become something more to each other. I knew I wanted the camera to be close to the band’s faces as they sang the lyrics to the camera and to each other through the mist of the rain, and the whirling lights of the rest of the night happening around them.”

Watch the video for “Rain Passing Through” below, and pre-order Anemoia, which is out January 28, here.


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