Watch Jackson+Sellers Perform Two Songs From Their Debut LP in East Nashville for “Neighborhoods”

Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers sing “The Devil Is an Angel” and “The World Is Black” from their recent collaborative album Breaking Point.

The recent joint release from Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers as Jackson+Sellers was one of a slew of notable collaborative projects that cropped up over the past year as a result of the pandemic, with both artists venturing from their country roots into a unique sound that’s considerably more tied to conventional rock, often sounding inspired by the sort of dark folk that saw a spike in popularity when the first season of True Detective dropped. Case in point: two of the album’s singles, “The Devil Is an Angel” and “The World Is Black,” announce each song’s dark subject matter before the listener even hits play.

It’s these two songs which Jackson and Sellers chose to sing for their recent “Neighborhoods” set in East Nashville on a sunny day that feels a bit at odds with the performance. Backed with a single reverb-heavy guitar, the set emphasizes the duo’s slightly surreal balance of conventional country vocals and something a little more otherworldly. Check it out below.


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