Purity Ring, “Another Eternity”

PurityRing_AnotherEternityPurity Ring
Another Eternity

Purity Ring’s sophomore album doesn’t come bundled with the same level of mystery as their debut, Shrines. We know who’s behind it (Megan James and Corin Roddick). We’ve seen their artsy live shows (lanterns and strange percussion and homemade clothes, oh my!). And certainly the clear mixes and punchier pop packages might indicate a band hunting for greater accessibility. Sure, there’s beauty in clarity, but despite it all, the Canadian duo has crafted another album aimed squarely at dreamers. From the ground-shaking EDM beats of “Heartsigh,” to the twisted poetry of “Stillness in Woe,” and the perennially perky single “Push Pull,” Another Eternity exists in a string of breathtaking almosts, deriving its magic from a refusal to fully give into any one genre. (Well, save for the appearance of vocoder on “Repetition,” which was absolutely unnecessary.) Mature and polished? Yes. But Purity Ring isn’t done revealing their secrets.


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