Lou Roy Rolls with Life’s Punches on Beaming Single “Uppercut”

The track serves as the lead single from her debut album Pure Chaos, which was co-produced by illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin.

Things are bad. But that doesn’t mean they always will be. It doesn’t even mean that every single thing is actually bad in this moment. The sun is shining. You grab a cup of coffee or take a shower to feel clean. You get a funny text from a friend. There are small things that keep us afloat amidst the doom, and then when we least expect it, something incredible happens. This is the booming optimism, sandbagged to a sense of realism, that beams from Lou Roy‘s new single “Uppercut,” which arrives ahead of her forthcoming debut album Pure Chaos that was co-produced with illuminati hotties’ Sarah Tudzin.

The track showcases Roy’s swift vocals that skip across notes like a kid playing hopscotch, accompanied by urgent acoustic guitars nestled in the background and a jovial drumbeat. Electric guitar fuzz starts to build as she bounds into world’s harsh realities: “Plenty of horror stories / Plenty of bad days / Plenty of haters wanna take your light from you, babe / Plenty of pigs, plenty plagues.” But all that pales in comparison when you have small victories and people you love by your side. “I swear to you, babe, we’ll always have our fun / Even when we’re grinded into cosmic dust.”

The LA musician took inspiration from the city of Las Vegas, America’s City of Lights. She spoke about it on MUNA’s Gayotic podcast, saying: “Las Vegas is the funniest, sweetest thing we could have done as humans. I acknowledge that it’s fucked up but it started with us being in the middle of the desert and asking, ‘What do we like? Games, nudity, lights, and money’ and making a playground out of that. It’s hedonism at its finest, and while it may have failed spectacularly, the initial endeavor was fucking awesome.”

Listen to “Uppercut” below.


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