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WATCH: Look at Michael Phelps’s Olympic Training in New Commercial

The legendary swimmer cried when he first saw the Under Armour ad.

Show Someone You (Would) Care (to Eat Their Brains) This Valentine’s Day with “Walking Dead” Cards

Nothing says love like blood and guts?

Super Bowl Shills: Our Favorite Ads Starring Football Players

Trading chop blocks for acting chops.

WATCH: Drake’s Acting Chops Return in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

“I love changes.”

WATCH: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl Commercials Look Real Weird

Hang out with Weezy and George Washington on game day.

WATCH: Key and Peele Will Provide Live Commentary of the Super Bowl on Sunday

Only they can’t call it “The Super Bowl.”

WATCH: The City of Compton Comes Together to Sing Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”

The Grammys will air on February 15.

Jaden Smith Is Front and Center in New Louis Vuitton Womenswear Ads

LV’s SS16 campaign also features Sarah Brannon, Rianne Van Rompaey, and Jean Campbell.

WATCH: Here’s Nearly Forty-Five Minutes of Nick Offerman Sitting by a Fireplace

Grab two fingers of Lagavulin and curl up by the fire.

WATCH: Julie Walters, Elton John, and More Leap Like Billy Elliot in New Burberry Ad

The British fashion house celebrates fifteen years of “Billy Elliot.”

“Back to the Future” Day Was Excellent

Self-lacing Nikes, Neil deGrasse Tyson live-tweeting what the films got right, and more.

WATCH: Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reminisce in New Toyota Commercial

“We got 3-D movies…”

WATCH: Bob Dylan and Watson Go Head to Head in New IBM Commercial

“My analysis shows that your major themes are that time passes and love fades.”

Burger King Now Selling Whopper Wine in Spain

The “your way” at which you can have it now apparently includes “drunk”

WATCH: Mexican TV Channel Fut Azteca Mocks US Soccer With Donald Trump

“El sueño americano ha muerto.”

Kentucky Fried Comics: KFC Shares the Colonel Sanders Origin Story with New Graphic Novel

Copies of the mouth-watering adventure will be distributed this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con

Sex Pistols Album Covers Featured on Virgin Money Credit Cards

Young flesh required.

Dear McDonald’s, Why Is The Hamburglar Now a Hot Dad?

And what the hell does “robble robble” mean?

Grab Your Plastic Axes, “Guitar Hero Live” Is Coming Soon

No need to pack extra strings, though, you’ll still just be pressing buttons. Rock and roll!

Joan Didion Stars In Céline’s Newest Fashion Campaign

Boy, it certainly has been one hell of a week for fashion brands teaming up with celebrities. After seeing (way too much) of Justin Bieber in Calvin…

WATCH: Marion Cotillard’s Music Video (Dior Ad?) for “Snapshot in LA”

Leave it to actress, model, singer-songwriter, and activist Marion Cotillard (quintuple-threat, anyone?) to create a piece of media that defies both genre and, um, gravity….

Sofia Coppola Directs New Holiday Ads for Gap

Viral Gap ads aren’t anything new, but Gap has been stepping up their advertising game this year with their latest “Dress Normal” campaign—first they hired…

LOOK: FKA Twigs Vogues in Her Short Film for Google Glass

FKA twigs continues to bring her signature brand of weirdness, this time in a new concept film/commercial for Google Glass. While it might seem hard…

WATCH: Jeff Goldblum Stars in Tim and Eric–Directed GE Commercial; Uses Word “Moist” Repeatedly

Actor/musician/awesome person Jeff Goldblum is the face (and, fortunately in this case, body) of a new GE campaign to promote high-tech, super long-lasting light bulbs,…


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