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Fiona Apple Sings on “Bob’s Burgers” Halloween Episode

Gene’s clever costume this year: Fiona Applesauce, “Fiona’s saucy aunt.”

The Toxic Relatives Cure: Families that Would Never Ruin Your Thanksgiving

Prepare for the worst by spending some time with the very best families in the history of popular culture.

Breaking: Cole Bowden and The Bob’s Burgers Experiment

Grabbing a bite with the man who decided to make all of Bob’s burgers.

WATCH: Corin, Carrie, and Janet Rock Tina’s Room in Sleater-Kinney–”Bob’s Burgers” Video Crossover For “A New Wave”

Another edition of We Are All Tina Belcher.

The Dedicated Genius Who Brings “Bob’s Burgers” Recipes to Life Is Making a Cookbook

It takes a good recipe to make a delicious sandwich…or a quality television show. And anyone from a chef to a producer will tell you that attention to detail is…

H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman Want To Sell You Artfully-Curated Mystery Sacks

Comedians H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman are perhaps most well-known as the voices of Bob and Gene Belcher on the TV show Bob’s Burgers…


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